Group News

February 2019. Our group received funding from the National Science Foundation, CAREER program on developing new microscopy techniques. Exciting research is ahead!

August 27, 2018. Dr. Xu attended the NFO-15 conference in Troyes, France, to present the latest work on PF-SNOM and the ultra-broadband plasma source for s-SNOM.

August 23, 2018. Dr. Xu attended the  SPMonSPM2018 conference in Leuven, Belgium to present the latest  research on PFIR microscopy.

August 19, 2018. Dr. Xu gave an invited talk at the ACS Fall Meeting in Boston.  He was featured by C&EN news as a “must-see” presenter. Group member Le Wang, Haomin Wang, and Devon Jakob all gave oral presentation at the ACS Meeting.

August 12-14, 2018. Dr. Xu attended the Beckman Symposium in Irvine, CA.

June 2018. Dr. Xu served as a judge for scholarship award at ScienceBuzz STEM Symposium 2018 at Springhouse middle school in Allentown, PA.

June 2018. Le Wang, Haomin Wang, and Devon Jakob attended the 2018 Mid Atlantic Regional Meeting of Americal Chemical Society and presented posters on their latest research.

May 2018. Dr. Xu is selected as one of the Beckman Young Investigators of 2018 by Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation.

May 2018, our work on peak force scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscopy is published in Nature Communications and is reported on, AZONano, and Nanowerk.

May 2018, Dr. Xu has presented a seminar at the University of Delaware on peak force infrared microscopy and peak force scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscopy.

April 2018, Haomin Wang has been awarded the Roy R. Honor fellowship from Lehigh University. Devon Jakob has been awarded College of Arts and Sciences Summer research fellowship.

February 2018, Dr. Xu has presented our latest work on PFIR microscopy at PittCon2018 conference in Orlando.

October 2017, Dr.  Xu has attended FACSS-SciX2018 Conference at Reno, NV and gave an invited talk on peak force infrared microscopy and its application on photovoltaics.

August 2017, Our work on Peak force infrared microscopy has been highlighted on,, and AzoNano

 July 2017,  Dr. Xu and our work on aerosol characterization are featured in the ChemComm 2017 Emerging Investigator Issue

May 2017, Le Wang has been granted the 2017-2018 departmental fellowship.

July 2016, Le Wang has been awarded Zurich Instruments Student Travel grant to attend CLEO 2017 conference.